On Monday 30th September, SA Heath senior executives and clinicians, along with representatives from South Australia’s digital health industry, met for Series Two of the South Australian Digital Health Showcase. 

The event was opened by Mr Richard Barrett, Chair of MedTEC South Australia followed by SA Health CEO Dr Chris McGowan and Chief Digital Health Officer Mr Bret Morris.

Before the main presentations there was a short recap of Series One which took place four months ago, with a number of companies report that trials were either proposed or underway since the first event. Next there were new presentations from three local businesses: Fragile to Agile, Chamonix and Metrixcare. The companies addressed important issues such as improving access to MyHR data, providing patient-centric healthcare analytics and how enterprise architecture can improve adaptability, flexibility and responsiveness.

SA Health’s Chief Digital Health Officer, Mr Bret Morris, and confirmed that the presentations had ‘sparked a great deal of interest and conversation’.

The presentations and video content is available online at: South Australian Digital Health Showcase – Series Two



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